Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chihuly paper bowls kindergarten art lesson

Chihuly Paper bowls

Students were introduced to the glass bowls by Dale Chihuly. I found a great You tube video for kids where it shows how he makes glass with his team. The students think he looks cool with his eye patch! 
Students first colored coffee filters with various markers. They could put any designs on the them as long as the entire filter was colored. Each student wrote their name and teacher code on a small card. This would be what we would put inside of their cups while they dried. 

 When completely colored I helped students wrap it around around a plastic cup and secured it with a rubber band. I then (while they watched), sprayed the entire thing with spray starch. I used one can per 35-40 students. It's only about a dollar a can. 
We put their name card inside the cup and put it on a shelf to dry. 
On the next class, students wrote their name and teacher code on a fresh card and glued it to the bottom of their bowl.
I have been doing this project for years, so I'm not sure where I saw this idea. 


  1. hello, As a variation (with 1st and 2nd graders) we use liquid water color first, then add markers for detail and modge podge for stability. They become butterflies (bodies with pipecleaners).
    But I like the cup idea, will try this year, thanks!

  2. Can you share the link for the video please? Great looking bowls!

  3. The Link is gone but I have used the one on CBS by Erica Hill.